Ensuring the quality of products and services, optimizing processes and avoiding errors and error costs.

Quality Management


Quality management helps to optimize processes, avoiding errors and their resulting costs. This ensures consistent quality in products and services. It enhances your company’s economic performance and boosts your reputation with business partners and customers.

Meeting quality standards

A company’s quality management includes planning, monitoring and steering quality processes as well as monitoring the quality of the process results. Good quality management is a vehicle to aid you in considerably growing the efficiency and profitability of your business operations. At the same time, quality management ensures solid customer retention and a positive corporate image. This allows you to demonstrate your commitment to meeting all of your customers’ requirements with the aid of proven and certified quality standards.

Let us show you what we can do for your company’s quality management

As your quality management consulting team and/or as external quality representative, we will be there to cover all areas that require efficient quality management according to ISO 9001. In our line of business as quality management experts, we have specifically focused on implementing ISO 9001 for small and medium-sized businesses.

Quality management system - EN ISO 9001

Implementing quality management in companies calls for the use of quality management systems. These are standards that can be used across industries and for a wide range of company sizes and structures. Such a quality management system provides the methodology for optimizing processes and quality requirements while adapting them to current standards.


DIN ISO 9001 serves as the basis for our quality management consulting and what we do for your company in this arena. This is a specific quality management standard which defines the  minimum requirements an organization should meet. We consider both customer expectations as well as legal and regulatory requirements. The quality management system itself is also subject to a continuous improvement process, so that a quality management system based on ISO 9001 will allow you to meet the current quality-related requirements for processes and process results.

Quality Management



We support you on all issues surrounding quality management and ISO 9001.

Introducing quality management

We ensure smooth implementation of the quality management systems in your company.

Preparing required documents

We will prepare and provide you with all the documents you need.

Auditing of ISO 9001

Preparing and supporting audits for ISO 9001 certification and its continuation.

Risk Management

Together, we will identify existing risks and offer solutions.


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ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 certificates are issued by official inspectors. The costs for the certifying party depend on the number of employees involved in the audit. The costs for our efforts as quality management consultants or external quality management officers are based on the scope of the contract and the extent of our work. Regardless of the short-term costs, however, your company will benefit from professional quality management in the long run and in many aspects (processes, customers, image).

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